About The Author

by Neal Rouzier, MD

The author of “Eric is Winning” has survived ALS for over 14 years. Eric was first diagnosed in 1993, although his first symptoms occurred in 1990. The progress of the disease was slow at first and then speeded up later. During the first few years of Eric's ALS experience, he was able to gather a great deal of information about ALS and develop a program to beat it. He soon realized that he had more information about ALS than was available from any other single source. Additionally, his theories and regimen were proven to be correct; they are working.

Eric was not only able to stop all progress of ALS, but he has enjoyed a great deal of improvement.

The book was completed toward the end of 2001. Only a few hundred were printed and mailed out. Eric and Glenna have just begun to receive letters in the last few months from other PALS (Person with ALS) who have read the book and now are enjoying some improvement.

The book was written primarily for ALS patients. However, the ideas and suggested treatments are applicable to many health problems particularly neurodegenerative illnesses similar to ALS such as MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

This book should be of great interest to anyone with any health problem or anyone in the healthcare profession.


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Here’s a preview of our upcoming ALS Documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SblpGuUhX6A