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Although we get a lot of e-mail from people who have not read our book, that was never our intent. The book and our web site will answer almost every question you have. Still, we receive a lot of e-mail asking questions that are answered in the book or on this web site.

Glenna and I spend several hours every week answering those e-mail and we ask for your cooperation to limit that. We love to help people with ALS, but we only have so much time to do that. Henceforth, please do the following:

1. Tell us whether or not you've read the book. If you don't tell us that, we may not answer your e-mail.

2. If you ask a question that's already answered in the book or on the web site, you may receive a reply telling you just that.

3. You must understand that I am not a healthcare professional, and therefore, I am not legally allowed to make recommendations on treatments. I can only suggest that you consider my Regimen Outline.

4. The primary reason I wrote the book was to provide you with all the information that I had accumulated. If I were you, I would read the book at least two or more times and have a yellow high lighter pen to use to high light certain information for future review.

All of the above will be extremely beneficial to Glenna and I and will allow us to spend more time replying to more significant e-mail questions. By the way, we answer every e-mail that asks a question (subject to the above).

UPDATE - Subsequent to Eric's passing, the family has invited Healing Advocates and the HealingALS project to continue maintaining this website and assist PALS with their journey to surviving ALS. See our website at or

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